Hello and Thank You!

About 10 days ago I was cursing my computer, swearing at my memory, kicking my (lack of) organisation and becoming more and more enraged with WordPress …

I was locked out of my account. I couldn’t remember my password! For so many years I had relied on that tricky little “remember me” button … But I’ve just got my first ever smartphone and I wanted to get my blog set up on that as well … My account is a free, internet-based one, so no user sites or admin portals, or receipts from purchases … nothing that would get me any access to my site or attention to sort it out. My email address had somehow become linked with a completely random and never-used blog of some unknown person and my user name was never getting any password re-set emails …

*Imagine Big, Involved and Long-Lasting Screaming/Frustration Noises*

At long last, after hours (trust me – hours and HOURS, seriously!) of scrolling through help pages and blogging websites, tripping my way down the source code for my original blog and regenerating long-closed email addresses in the hopes one of them would yield a password reset … I decided enough was enough … I would have to start again.

And so here I am!

I have recreated, as best as I can (with way too little patience!) my previous blog … My username is a bit different – but true to my real name and who I want to be with this blog. The blog name itself is a bit clumsy, but it was the closest I could get to what I want to convey without paying a fortune!

I’m really sad not to be able to take with me my readers, the blogs I have followed for nearly 6 years and the thoughtful, loving and wise comments of some of you dear people. But here’s to the readers of this blog and the friendships we make (and renew!) from here!

So what I want to say the loudest? THANK YOU!! Thank you for reading this blog, thank you for liking my posts and thank you so much to those that have somehow managed to follow me from my old place and find me here – that really means so much!!

Much Love – Ruthie

(Dotty Lizzy: https://whisperingintothewind.wordpress.com)

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