Walk In The Sunshine

Originally published 13th March, 2016

This afternoon I slipped my camera strap over my shoulder, left my coat hanging on it’s hook inside and went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine.

I say walk – I didn’t walk far in terms of distance, because I was busy look at all the signs of spring around me and trying to capture them on my camera.

I collected a bunch of sticks for a craft project right at the start, so with a collection of sticks tied up with a hair band balanced on my bag, stopping every few steps, nearly burying my camera in a plant or tree, kneeling on the ground (probably with significant clothes slippage!), maybe humming to myself … I must have been an odd sight! But for once I didn’t care!

It was so beautiful and peaceful – despite the shouts and laughter from the nearby playground and the music coming from a house – and I felt real joy that spring is here and that I got to be out in it!

This daffodil at the bottom – this one I planted myself last October and it sits in a tub outside my front door. Such a massive sense of pride and achivement, even though I was only the planter …! My Nana would have loved that it’s a traditional, old-school daffodowndilly.



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