Beauty In Pain

A couple of weeks ago I walked through the industrial estate that lives on the other side of a playing field from my road.

It’s not the prettiest path, not the best walking route in the area, but it works.

All these photos are of flowers growing in concrete. Flowers growing in industry. Flowers growing where everyone most people have forgotten to look. Beauty in strength. 

3 thoughts on “Beauty In Pain

  1. Photos like these just make your heart smile – thank you. Love that red flower midst the yellows & whites with the greens. Only when you’ve been in the shadows do you really appreciate the light.


    • Thank you so much for commenting on my blog Evy! It means a lot to know that people are reading and appreciating what I put out there. I’m so glad you love the photos – my favourite was the red one too! Such a picture of hope.


      • You’re most welcome, there’s just something about plants & bees & colour that delight & reach inside. I puzzled over the plant – consulted a friend of mine – it’s a cosmos, probably Rubenza. It could be a Versailles Red – I’ve earmarked it for my garden next year.


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