I am so, so tired. 

Today has been on of those days when the only answer I can come up with to ‘how are you?’ is ‘I’m ok’ or ‘tired’. 
In reality, I’ve been a couple of minutes or the wrong words away from tears … which for someone who hates to cry as much as I do is saying something in itself. 
I just read this article and it says so much of how it feels. Not all of it, not all the time. But too many of them too much of the time right now. 


2 thoughts on “I am so, so tired. 

  1. Take care of yourself. ‘How are you” is such a hard question to answer – it always floors me & yet it’s so part of most people’s daily utterance.


    • Thank you so much Evy! I only just saw your comment for some reason, I need to check my notification settings … I hope ‘how are you’ has been easier for you these past weeks… how *are* you?


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