I Did Stuff!

I’m very pleased with myself today! Despite being the worst day of my period, horrible nightmares and constant anxiety, I put together two shelf units and got them into the tight space behind my desk!

Maybe not a big deal for some, but all I wanted to do was crawl back under my warm duvet and pretend the rest of the world didn’t exist … and especially that we didn’t have to go out tonight to an annoyingly cheesy course we (voluntarily!!) signed up for … But instead I did some packing and shifting and then built two shelving units, as well as shifting my desk, vacuuming, making stew and attending that flipping annoying course… sorry if you’re reading this post Sue …!!

After years of putting up with ‘my space’ being a puzzle board on my lap on the end of the sofa, and ‘storage boxes’ made out of cardboard packaging and packing tape, these storage units are a joy to look at! I have had my own desk space for the last 2 1/2 Years, but trying to keep things tidy or at least a little organised… the least said the better …

So I started with an OCD- satisfying collection of numbered fixings, made two sturdy units and have ended up with a craft space I never believed possible!

I am unashamedly looking forward to organising my craft stuff into these beauties tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “I Did Stuff!

  1. Have fun – it’s so so much easier to play with paper etc….. when you can find things. My new shelves were in situ just before Christmas & my few hundred pencils are happily accessible alongside books. It’s daftly satisfying……….


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