Mirror reflects, mirror distorts,

What’s in my head, or what’s in yours?

Who is right, who is wrong?

If you can’t see, why shouldn’t I?


If it’s in my head, and I don’t tell,

Then who can say, it’s right or wrong?

If it’s something that only, I can see,

Then how can you say no, because you can’t?


If you can see a girl who cares,

Then I can see a girl who hates,

If you can see a girl that wants the best,

Then I can see a girl who wants the worst,


For your trying I see lazy, your honest, lying,

For your success I see failure, your knowledge, ignorance,

For your moving forwards, I see moving backwards,

For your strength, I see weakness, your winning, loosing,


When you tell me you think, my decision was brave,

The reflection I see, laughs at a coward,

The choices I take, that tell you I still want to live,

Tell me I haven’t yet thought, of a way to die,


When you see a mother and daughter, hand in hand,

I see me reaching for mine, and her not replying,

When you see a father laughing, with his little girl,

I see the pain that mine brought me, when I just wanted love,


When you see a girl laughing, I see myself crying,

When you see a girl skipping, I’m running away,

The happy chatter you hear, echoes as screaming,

The smiles that you see, trickle as tears down my mirror,


If you see white, and I see black,

Is it really grey, or is one of us wrong?

If one bit is wrong, then can nothing be right?

Can many good things, make one bad turn white?


When you see light, I see dark,

When you see day, I see night,

When you see dreams, I see nightmares,

When you see hope, why can’t I?


If I take the truth, and smash my mirror,

Will that make me see, what you see in yours?

If I take the truth, move from night to day,

Will the shadows vanish, will I see hope?


If for a minute, my mirror was a window,

And if for a minute, you could see what I see,

Would that change my shadows, into light for a while?

Would a smile for a minute, be a smile for me too?