No Winners

There aren’t any winners, there isn’t any cheering,

There’s no one rooting for the team, no claps will be given,

No one wins a prize, pictures of the cup won’t be taken,

No supporters turn out to watch the game, the winner is the looser,

There’s no training given, no preparing for the field,

No captains are chosen, the player is the only one,

No timetable of the matches, no practice games are played,

No numbers on the sweaters, no half-time is allowed,

No glory in the finals, no pride in the team,

No tickets for the big match, no seasons for the game,

There’s no ending to the game, no sitting on the bench,

If you fall and hurt your leg, you have to play through the pain,

Broken balls are not replaced, splintered bats are used again,

Worn out shoes are used in play and smelly socks don’t get washed,

Mud is left to stain your top, tears in fabric aren’t stitched closed,

Wounds are left to clog with dirt, and cuts and bruises aren’t bandaged up,

No one knows there’s a game being played,

No one knows you’re fighting a battle,

You don’t get a chance to stop and start again,

If you get worn out, you have to carry on,

No matter how many goals you score in the game,

You’ve always got more to get, than you’ve already won,

And no matter how many times you think you’ve reached the end,

You’re always back to starting from the very beginning,

There’s no glory waiting when you get to the end,

No one will know when you conquer your mountain,

No one notices when you fail and fall down,

And no one will know when you win your game.